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Bold Innovative Solutions is the best way to describe Guppy Plastic’s approach to innovation as well as the company’s phenomenal success story over three decades!

Gombak Building

Guppy Plastic was started by two friends, Mr KG Ng and Mr CP Goh who both shared a passion for fish rearing. Both men decided to turn their hobby into a business and established the Gombak Fish Farm in 1965; as their fish farming venture began to expand rapidly, they faced difficulty in obtaining plastic aquarium equipment. Rather than compromising they seized the initiative and decided to manufacture the products they needed themselves, leading to the birth of Guppy Plastics in 1970!

Guppy Plastic quickly expanded operations due to overwhelming response for their products and by 1977 the company had to build another manufacturing plant to cope with demand. By the 1980s, the company began to diversify their product base to cater for the plastic needs of MNCs based in Malaysia. This experience proved to be invaluable as Guppy began to shift their focus to the international markets and commence exports.

Kepong Baru Building

Today, Guppy Plastic is a leading Malaysian organisation in the design and production of plastic solutions for precision plastics; including office equipment, automotive and electronic industries worldwide. One factor has remained a constant throughout –Guppy’s bold approach to innovation!

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